Awareness campaign for the promotion of Organic Farming

Awareness campaign for the promotion of Organic Farming

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Sustainable Agriculture – Organic Farming

Organic Farming provides the choice of a ‘healthy life’ to consumers by providing food grown without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, antibiotics or growth hormones. Organic Farming also leaves a reduced impact on the environment. The Government of India and several state governments have taken steps to improve the regulatory framework of organic products along with rolling out several schemes to incentivize organic farming through regulation and production support. In the context of the Sustainable Development Goals, organic agriculture, being regenerative and climate-friendly, contributes directly and indirectly to the attainment of several of the SDGs. For instance, non-exposure to chemicals in food improves health and contributes to a healthy lifestyle (SDG 3), non-exposure to chemical inputs promotes a safer and healthier work environment (SDG 8), and so on, as against conventional agriculture which is associated with high levels of negative externalities.

Synergie in partnership with Indo-Global Social Service Society (IGSSS) has designed a programme to inculcate habit of consuming organic foods amongst children and parents. The school children and their parents are sensitised on sustainable organic foods in contrast to energy dense, processed fast foods. The aim was to reach out to 50,000 school students and their families, in 50 schools in Delhi-NCR.

Synergie designed the programme around the following key pillars:

  • Conduct KAP (Knowledge, Attitude and Practice) survey of the target segment
  • Create activity-oriented content to drive awareness and action, including exposure visits for children
  • Design and implement framework for stakeholder collaboration
  • Conduct sensitization workshops amongst schools, parents and children
  • Amplify messaging through social media
  • Monitor and Evaluate the project

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