Your social investment can transform communities and help them to realise their potential. However, such an investment requires careful consideration of many factors such as material analysis, need assessment of the communities, resource allocation, stakeholder management, selection of competent partners, implementation methodology, risk assessment and mitigation plan, sustainability, amplification and replicability strategy, compliance and robust reporting, monitoring and evaluation framework.

Synergie has more than a decade of experience in implementing social projects across various themes for organisations across the world. And, we leverage this experience while designing and conceptualizing projects for you. Our team of consultants help you to design plans which are backed by real life, successful evidence-based interventions that actually work!

Case Study

Collaborative CSR To Make Roads Safer For Children Vector Borne Disease Control Program – Jajpur, Odisha

Project Implementation

When it comes to project implementation, we don’t leave anything to chance. With more than a decade of experience in implementing projects on various themes, for various stakeholders and with various corporate partners, we execute projects with the core principle of “Starting Strong and Finishing Strong”.

Right from “kick off” to submitting the closing report, our team of social practitioners work round the clock to meet the identified milestones and delight the beneficiaries of your program. We believe that project implementation is not only an opportunity to build lasting relationships with the communities but also leverage insights to better future implementations.

Case Study

“Future Is Now”- A Public Private Partnership Castrol Sarathi Mitra Road Safety Programme For Truck Drivers Awareness Campaign For The Promotion Of Organic Farming

Information, Education and Communication (IEC)

Whether it’s encouraging tribal villages to adopt scientific ways to fight the menace of malaria or explaining the importance of safe road behavior to youth, communication plays a critical role. Synergie with its team of experienced content developers create IEC material which helps you talk about your initiatives impactfully and straight to your target beneficiaries in simple and yet effective manner.

Our team leverages evidence backed behavior changing techniques while creating content in the form of manuals, videos, infographics, curriculums and so on!

Case Study

Road Safety Course Content Creation With BP India

Be a driver of positive change. Partner with us.

Monitoring and Evaluation

We do not stop at just implementation of a project.

Our goal is to gather data, extract information and turn them into actionable insights.

With the help of our digital platform, we assess every tiny aspect of every initiative to ensure that the goals and priorities of your organization are addressed while targeting key societal issues.

We provide real time insights to you so that you can act in a timely manner. And yes, the platform is your go-to tool, if you have to showcase your impact to your stakeholders!

Case Study

Community Need Assessment

Cause Marketing

Strong brands are aligned with strong social causes. Customers are becoming more and more aware about the social impact their decisions make, keeping a close eye on different companies and how their products are contributing to a sustainable world!

Our team of seasoned campaigners help you to design cause marketing campaigns to strike a right chord with your consumers. Our team not only helps you to design campaigns around “profit with purpose” but also implements them for you on the ground!

Digital Sustainability and CSR platform

We go the extra mile in monitoring and assessing all initiatives we undertake to ensure maximum insight and impact.

Through our digitally innovative dashboard,  we provide all the necessary tools to evaluate your sustainability initiative and tailor them to your organizational priorities and needs.

Performance Management Service

Through our digital dashboard’s Performance Management Service we conduct quality assurance checks as per the set parameters so you won’t have to focus on observing every single aspect of your initiative.

Intelligent Recovery System

Intelligent Recovery System on our digital dashboard ensures that no disruptions goes unnoticed. Offering dashboards to highlight the areas that need attention, so that any project can be gotten back on track.

Real-time Dashboards

Whether it is tracking your CSR spending, or the number of beneficiaries impacted, Real-time Dashboards give you the freedom to monitor and evaluate your initiatives in real-time.

Cloud-based services

Security is paramount for us and, therefore, in addition to offering highly secure Cloud-based services, your data can also be stored On Premise for storing sensitive information.

Daily Project Reports

Being a highly automated platform, our digital dashboard delivers Daily Project Reports right to your inbox specifically tailored to your business needs and priorities.

Outcome Progress Tracker.

Monitor your outcome in relation to the key indicators and identify how you can further expand your project to new areas through the dashboard’s Outcome Progress Tracker.